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AET acquires Tru-Roll

Advanced Entertainment Technology announces the acquisition of Tru-Roll, the renowned line of theatrical rigging hardware, drapery track and other stage equipment.

Like everything else in show business, the entertainment technology industry is marked by evolution and change. Even the largest companies are subject to impermanence. It is with this acknowledgement of growth and change that Advanced Entertainment Technology is proud to welcome Tru-Roll into its family as it moves into its next phase of growth.

First, a bit of background is in order. Tru-Roll is a descendant of Grosh Scenic Studios, now known as Grosh Scenic Rentals. Grosh, a family owned and operated business, has been providing scenic backdrops and theatrical draperies since the late 1920’s and continues today as one of the most successful rental houses in the country. In the late 1940’s Tru-Roll was created as a division of Grosh Scenic Studios to manufacturer theatrical equipment in support of a growing entertainment industry in Southern California. Within a few short years Tru-Roll’s success enabled them to expand into the fast growing theme park and Las Vegas entertainment industry, eventually becoming a major national manufacturer of stage equipment. Since then, Tru Roll has provided quality theatrical equipment worldwide. In 1993 the Grosh family choose to focus on the rental side of the business and although the association between the two companies remained strong,Tru-Roll branched out on their own and remained a major supplier of theatrical equipment, track and drapery. In late 2009 Advanced Entertainment Technology was presented with the unique opportunity to purchase Tru-Roll. We felt the marriage of these two companies would be the perfect match as we had successfully worked on numerous projects together.

Since 1990 Advanced Entertainment Technology has specialized in Show Action Equipment, Show Effects and Controls, Automated Scenery, Props and Ride Safety. The addition of Tru-Roll’s line of track, theatrical rigging systems and drapery will allow us to expand the services we provide our clients within the theatre, film, television and theme park industry.