Large Scale Automated Architectural Elements

Advanced Entertainment Technology’s expertise in automation is exceedingly diverse, offering design, production, installation and maintenance solutions to complex commercial and residential automation needs. Our “next level” systems have been utilized at multiple, dramatic high-end installations.


Rosebud Project, Malibu, California

AET was challenged to provide an alternate, more robust solution to equipment previously designed to operate three individual large vertical lift window walls/doors (approximately 20’ long x 10’ tall, weighing 5000 Lbs. each). AET, working with the project GC, sub-contractors and owner devised a much more desirable system that was not only far more durable, but would fit within the tight constraints of the existing general construction and the owner’s esthetic requirements. AET completed the design, production and installation of the three vertical door lifts (VLD’s) on time and within budget and in the process proved ourselves as a competent, trustworthy provider to the GC and the owner, who routinely request assistance from AET on other high-end projects.

Sky Vault Project, Manhattan, New York​

This project for a new Hell’s Kitchen penthouse included a completely custom glass floor system with a hidden, fully automated glass trap door for accessing the owners vault and first floor! With this unique design, people walk from a private elevator into the penthouse directly onto a large expansive glass floor at the 2nd floor level. Looking down through the glass there is a view into the “vault” on the 1st floor. On command the glass floor parts to reveal a hidden staircase that leads down into the vault. Very Cool!

Billionaire Project, Bel Air, California

Per the owner, “I want this to be the center-piece to the most luxurious, high-end home in the U.S.” and AET delivered exactly as requested. Looking out over the infinity pool to the downtown skyline, a monolithic billboard size audio and video display system rises from its protective bunker/building through a rooftop door, upward 15’ to a height well above the pools surface. This turn-key AET design and installation included onboard HVAC to keep things cool as well as systems to automatically lower the display whenever rain or excessive wind is detected. Completed, this AET system provides a huge wow factor to a truly Extreme Home.

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